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27 Nov

Year 2 | Talk and Spelling Homework

by Miss Seymour and Miss Dhanda

This week the government have been talking about building a tunnel near the ancient landmark Stonehenge. 

With your adult talk about: 

  • the meaning of 'ancient'
  • do you know where Stonhenge was built?
  • how was it built?
  • do you think a big tunnel should be built nearby? Explain why.


27 Nov

Year 2 | Friday's home learning...

by Miss Seymour

Good Morning Year 2,

We will having another LIVE Maths lesson at 2pm today, so please do join us! If you have any questions, concerns or children's work that you would like to share, please me on: 


I will be making a special blog post of all the children's work later this afternoon, to acknowledge all of their (and you parents' too) fantastic home learning efforts! Please send them to me by 2pm, so that I can upload their work onto the video montage. 

Morning spelling practice - 10 mins

Literacy - 30 mins

Today, I have uploaded a letter writing lesson on Microsoft teams for the children to watch. Then I would like them to try writing their own letter to Miranda. 

Free play - 30 mins

Science - 30 mins

Try doing a science investigation at home, using materials you (hopefully) have in your cupboard!

Investigation Option 1: Make an egg parachute


Watch the video and follow the instructions to make a parachute. Can you save Fred the Egg? Take a photo or film your investigation! Send us your results! For extra DOJOS can you explain how parachutes work...?


Investigation Option 2: Do raisons dance?




1. First, carefully pour some water into a clear plastic cup.

2. Gently, drop raisins into the water. Did they sink or flaot?

3. Next, pour some fizzy water into a different clear, plastic cup. Make sure you measure the same amount of water!

4. Gently drop raisins into the water. Did they float or sink?

5. What was the differnce between the two reactions?


Reading - 20 mins

If you have finished your home reading book, try the to the Oxford Owl site to find many free new stories. Make sure you talk about the book too with your child as this helps comrehension!

Asking questions such as theese can help your child understand the story better: 

Lunch break - 1 hour

Mindfullness Go Noodle - 10 mins 

Maths - LIVE at 2PM

Please join me at 2pm on Microsoft Teams for another LIVE Maths lesson focussing on mixed addition and subtrraction problems. 

Handwriting - 10 mins 

Story time - 20 mins

At the end of the day, I sometimes read the children a story or play one from this fantastic Story Online website. 

26 Nov

Year 2 | LIVE maths lesson with Miss Seymour

by Miss Dhanda & Miss Seymour

Thank you so much to all the Year 2 children who joined Miss Seymour's live maths lesson yesterday. We felt very proud of you, not only did you manage to log on to Teams, but we could see that you were all so engaged with your learning.

You are amazing learners Year 2. We hope you enjoyed the lesson. 

We must all say a big 'thank you' to Mr Keeley - you might have spotted him on the live yesterday - he has been working very hard behind the scenes to make online learning possible for you all. Thank you Mr Keeley!

If you didn't manage to join yesterday, you can watch a little extract below - and see some of your friends learning. The full lesson is still in Microsoft Teams if you need to catch up on this and today's lesson.

Keep an eye on Microsoft Teams for another live lesson with Miss Seymour on Friday at 2pm.  Here's a reminder of how to sign in to Microsoft Teams.

26 Nov

Year 1 | Home learning for 1GD - Thursday 26th November 2020

by Miss De Sanctis

As you are aware, 1GD children and staff are still isolating at home. Please continue to support your children with their learning as much as you can.

Below is a suggested daily timetable so that, where possible, children can follow the same routine as if they were at school -  please feel free to adapt this for your family.

Do comment on the blog or email me with any questions you have about the work and to let me know how your children are doing with the tasks and their home learning.

We know how much our children love DOJO rewards, so I will continue to update the board when children complete learning tasks. Please also email to me any photos of other activities or home learning so that I can share them on the blog:

Miss De Sanctis - gdesanctis@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk   


The children always start their day with a Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) workout. It gets the class awake and active and ready to start their learning.

Today's video is available here.

Below is a timetable you can follow at home and guidance of time to spend on each activity. 

Handwriting - 10 minutes
Today's letter is f - Practise writing the letter f on some lined paper with a pencil.

Numeracy - 30 minutes 
Today, I would like you to practise subtraction to 10.

Use the following video to help you practise.

You can then log onto Purple Mash and do the subtraction to 10 task in your 2Dos.

We have sent out Purple Mash logins, but please contact me if you don't have yours.

Literacy - 30 minutes

Today I would like you to watch the story of Zog again, and talk about how the characters feel and how you know. What clues tell you how they feel?

Then, make a list of feelings adjectives. For example, sad, happy, excited, tired.
Finally, write a sentence using the adjectives. For example: Zog is feeling happy. The girl is feeling sad.

Lunch break - 1 hour.

After lunch, children have been practising mindfulness and breathing techniques which can help them when they are feeling tired, sad or worried. Watch this mindfulness video to help children to feel calm and ready to learn again.

Phonics - 30 minutes

Today the children are learning the oa sound.

Please watch the following video and follow the activities. 

The oa sound | Phase 3 Phonics | oa words - BBC Bitesize

The children can practise writing the following words and adding sound buttons:

boat, goat, loaf, moat, coat

See the example below. The children are all getting really good at finding the sounds and adding the sound buttons.

The children can then practise writing the following sentence and drawing the sound buttons:

The goat put on a coat and sat on the boat.

You can then log onto Purple Mash and play some phonics games to practise the oa sound more.

Guided Reading - 30 minutes

Read your child's reading book with them and ask them some comprehension questions about the book.
Below are some questions that would really help your child to understand the book.
You can also access some free ebooks from Oxford Owl's website.  You need an account to access the books, but it is free of charge

Art - 1 hour
Use your design from yesterday, to make your own junk model Zog - remember to ask an adult first before your decide that something is junk!

Email photos of your Zog to me at gdesanctis@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk 

End of day routine

The children always love to end their day with a dance. Here's one of our favourite songs at the moment - you can all join in at home!

Have a great day year 1. We'll see you very soon!

If you have any questions or concerns you can email me on the following email address. 

Miss De Sanctis - gdesanctis@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk