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19 Nov

Year 1 | Big Question

by Miss De Sanctis and Miss Bennett

This term's Big Question in Year 1 is 'What did Grandma and Grandpa play with when they were children?'

We have been learning about old and modern toys and looking at the changes over time.

This week we made a Cup and Ball toy, so that the children could experience toys from beyond their living memory.

The children then discussed what they liked about their toy and what they could do to improve it.

Challenge - How is this toy different from toys you usually play with at home?

12 Nov

Year 3 | Our Art lessons during Black History Month

by C Nugent A Bowen

We learnt about Hatshepsut.  She became one of the most successful pharoahs in Ancient Egypt.  Women were not allowed to be pharoahs but she stood in for her young son. 

Kente Cloths.  We designed and made Kente cloths. We found out that they originated with the Ashanti people of Ghana.