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28 May

Extra Curricular | Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

by Mrs Ridings

This half term I ran an after-school Art and Design club for our Key Stage 2 pupils. Children practised using a range of techniques to create artwork for the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. 

This week, some of the pupils went to the hospital to display their artwork in the children's cardiology ward. They also got to meet the nurses, hospital playworkers and doctors who work there. 

26 May

Year 5 | Mental Health Awareness Week

by Miss Kenwell and Miss Addison

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, Year 5 have been taking part in a number of activities to help support our mental health.  The children spent their morning outside in the sunshine reading and sharing their books with friends.  There was lots of great reading out loud involved, with some children choosing to act out parts of the story together!

We also enjoyed our singing lesson with Ed, we have been learning 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' and it's starting to sound fantastic - see if you can practise it at home too!


During the afternoon, we took several active breeaks where we practised some exercises or had a bit of a dance! 

We had some calm, reflective towards the end of the day where we investigated watercolours and practised different techniques to make interesting patterns and designs. Have a look at some of our artwork below.

26 May

Extra Curricular | Skill Progression in Painting

by Mrs Ridings

Our staff meeting this week was focused on 'skill progression in painting'. Staff discovered different methods using watercolours and ready mixed paints. We looked at a variety of artists and how we can apply this in our classrooms.
We can't wait to show the children what we have learnt! 

25 May

Year 2 | The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

by Miss De Sanctis and Miss Seymour

Year 2 learned the story The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark in our English lessons. 

In our art lessons, we did a project to make owls out of clay.

First, the children practised drawing the owls and thinking about the different features. Next, they thought about how they could make those features using plasticine and some art tools. Then, they made a draft owl out of plasticine using these techniques. Finally, they made the owls out of clay and painted the sculptures.

They loved the project and their owl sculptures look amazing!

You can listen to the story here:

25 May

Nursery | Gymnastics nursery

by Mrs Ridings

Our nursery children have been very busy this half term in P.E. 
In P.E. we have been learning gymnastics with a specialist gymnastic coach. We have been practising lots of skills such as: balancing, stretching, yoga poses, and gymnastic poses. 
We had to listen really carefully and watch our gymnastics coach really closely, so we could do it too. We practised working new muscles and taking our shoes off and on!