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15 Oct

Year 2 | How to Keep our Brains Healthy

by Miss De Sanctis

2GD loved learning about mental health and how to keep our brains healthy last week on World Mental Health Day.

We made a book to help our class learn different ways that they could look after their mental health.

15 Oct

Year 4 | Year 4 homework - Should humans travel to space?

by Mr Carruthers & Miss Dhanda

Happy Friday Year 4

Should humans travel to space?

This week there has been lots of talk around humans exploring space. Prince William, our future king, said perhaps we should look after our own planet first before visiting another. 

What do you think Prince William meant?
What do you think about space travel?

Visit the CBBC Newsround to find out about NASA's future mission to Jupiter's or Saturn's moons.

Emai us your thoughts to:

Mr Carruthers acarruthers@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk or Miss Dhanda adhanda@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk

Arithmetic and spelling practice

Please practise using the spelling techniques we have showed you. Spelling practise also includes using the words in sentences once you know how to spell them.

14 Oct

Year 6 | Homework

by Mr Hughes & Miss Porter

We've nearly done our first half term - just one more week to go! Let's keep a positive attitude, be kind to one another and have one last little push to finish the half term on a good note. 


Purple Mash

1) Addition & subtraction problems

2) Spelling quiz

3) Typing game

4) Circulatory System quiz

Weekly Spellings

Don't forget to practice your spellings ready for the quiz next Thursday. 

Times Tables

Keep practising your multiplication tables on TT Rockstars: Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (ttrockstars.com)

Please remember to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Miss Porter - jporter@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk

Mr Hughes - ghughes@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk


Have a lovely weekend,


Mr Hughes & Miss Porter

14 Oct

Year 2 | Numeracy Homework

by Miss De Sanctis and Miss Seymour

In Year 2 we will be practising our times tables each week.

This week, we would like the children to start practising their 2 Time Tables on TT Rockstars! 


Have fun!