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14 Feb

Art and design after school club!

by Ms Kanes

Children from KS2 attended a special one-off art and design club. They created art pieces for the Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists' Summer Show.

Well done everyone! 

07 Feb

Year 5 Gymnastics Performances!

by Miss Kenwell

Year 5 have been working really hard to improve their gymnastics skills over the last term.  

We have been working in pairs towards a final performance to showcase all the skills we have been exploring. 

Our performances needed to include a number of different skills:

  • A balance 
  • A roll
  • A jump
  • Movement over or under our partner
  • Smooth transitions between each movement
Have a look at our performances below and see if you can spot these skills!

24 Jan

Parent Workshop- Computing

by Ms Kanes and Mr Carruthers

We extend our gratitude to all the parents and caregivers who participated in our computing workshop. Throughout this session, parents acquired insights on fostering positive examples for their children, identifying and educating about online risks and harms, comprehending the use of various digital devices utilised by children, and implementing parental controls. Topics encompassed discussions on functionalities like history and favorites. This workshop facilitated parents in comprehending and applying knowledge and behaviors essential for furnishing their children with a robust foundation to navigate the online realm in a secure and efficient manner.

We look forward to our upcoming workshop on promoting healthy eating habits.

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