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02 Feb

Big Schools' Birdwatch

by Mr Carruthers and Miss Dale and Mrs Hinds

In our year 4 bubble we have been taking part in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch. Looking out my window today I can see lots of birds flying about in the trees and thought it would be a nice idea for you all to have a go at home trying your hand at a bit of birdwatching. I have attached 2 links to this post. The first one is to what the Big Schools' Birdwatch is all about and some videos on there that you can watch. The second link is for the birdwatching survey so you can track all the birds you see either out your window or in your garden. Good luck and please email me how you got on - pictures would be great too so I can put them on here for everyone to see.


Mr Carruthers, Miss Dale and Mrs Hinds



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