This week's French challenge

by Madame Norris

Bonjour year 5!

This week, I would like you to do a poster in French about yourself including:

·       How you feel

·       Your name

·       Your age

·       Your birthday

·       Where you live

You could also add:

·       Your hair colour

·       Your eye colour

·       Your height

To make this more creative, you could draw and colour your poster or you could do a painting of yourself. You could even use clay/play dough or make up video using Playmobil or Lego characters. You can either write the sentences in French or film yourself saying them!

Please, send me all your amazing work on my email:


There are also more games on Purple Mash.

Have fun! Bonne chance!

Madame Norris

Here is a reminder of the different sentences you may need:

Je m'appelle… = My name is…

J'ai … ans. = I am … years old.

Mon anniversaire c'est le… = My birthday is on…

Ça va… = I fell…

J'habite à Manchester en Angleterre = I live in Manchester in England.

1 un

2 deux

3 trois

4 quatre

5 cinq

6 six

7 sept

8 huit

9 neuf

10 dix

11 onze

12 douze

13 treize

14 quatorze

15 quinze

16 seize

17 dix-sept

18 dix-huit

19 dix-neuf

20 vingt

21 vingt et un


30 trente

31 trente et un

Janvier - January

Février - February

Mars - March

Avril - April

Mai - May

Juin - June

Juillet - July

Août - August

Septembre - September

Octobre - October

Novembre - November

Décembre – December


J'ai les cheveux noirs. = I have black hair.

J'ai les cheveux blonds. = I have blond hair.

J'ai les cheveux bruns. = I have dark brown hair.

J'ai les cheveux roux. = I have ginger hair.

J'ai les cheveux châtains. = I have light brown hair.

J'ai les yeux noirs. = I have black eyes.

J'ai les yeux bleus. = I have blue eyes.

J'ai les yeux verts. = I have green eyes.

J'ai les yeux marron. = I have brown eyes.

J'ai les yeux noisette. = I have hazel eyes.

Je suis grand(e). = I am tall.

Je suis de taille moyenne. = I am of   medium height.

Je suis petit(e). = I am small.