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05 Apr

Maths Games - Salute!

by Mr Hughes

Good morning!

Here is a game for two players called Salute. It is a great way of practicing your mental Maths and knowledge of Maths vocabulary linked to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

04 Apr

Maths Games

by Mr Hughes


Over the next couple of weeks I'll update the Maths blog with ideas for number games you can play at home either by yourself or with family. Lots of them are easy to set up. 

Today - Countdown!


Do you have any favourite games to share?

30 Mar

Learning at Home

by Mr Hughes


Some of your teachers might have already shared White Rose Maths home learning lessons - here is the link again in case you haven't had chance to take a look just yet.


Your teachers already use lots of White Rose resources in your lessons so the types of problems, the methods you use to solve the problems and the images to help you solve them will look familiar. There is a video for every activity to show you how to complete each objective and then some challenges to try at home!

The Maths Factor is a site by Carol Vorderman offering a free subscription for parents during school closures. The website has lots of games and activities to try and there are live lessons everyday at 1pm.

Keep checking your class blog for updates from your teachers and remember, there are lots of Maths games and activities on Purple Mash which you can try as well

02 Mar

Problem of the Day 2020

by Mr Hughes

Every day in March, White Rose Maths will be publishing word problems and puzzles for schools across the country to try and solve. It would be fantastic if Old Moat could join in! 

The Problem of the Day for Years 1 & 2 are in red, and the problems for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 are in blue. How many can you solve? 

I will put some problems up on the blog during March and I'm sure your teachers will ask you to solve a few in class. Good luck!

27 Feb

World Maths Day - Wednesday, 4th March 2020

by Mr Hughes

On Wednesday 4th March, we will be celebrating World Maths Day at Old Moat.

The theme for this year is 'Maths is Everywhere', learning all about how Maths is a very important part of our lives and how useful good Maths skills are for our future jobs. As part of the fun, you can dress up in a number or shape themed outfit, or wear clothes that have numbers, patterns or shapes on them, to school on Wednesday. 

In preparation, why don't you try some games and puzzles?


BBC Bitesize - Key Stage 2 

Multiplication Tables Check

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