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04 Nov

The Big Draw 2022 week 4 WINNERS! Our Final Challenge!

by Mrs Ridings

This year we are taking part in 'The Big Draw 2022'. The theme this year is 'Come Back to Colour'. 

Each week EYFS have been set a challenge with a drawing focus.

Our final challenge was... seasons/ natural world- celebrate our environment


02 Nov

Black History Month 2022

by Mrs Ridings

This year, the theme was music - highlighting the talents of people across as many different genres as possible. 

Nursery focused on the actress/ musician Anika Noni Rose. 

Anika Noni Rose (born September 6, 1972) is an American actress and singer. She is best known for voicing Tiana, Disney's first African-American princess, as seen in The Princess and the Frog (2009). She was named a Disney Legend in 2011. The character is Disney's first African-American princess. Rose said at the time, "Not only is [Tiana] the first black princess, she's the first American princess. So, the scope and the significance are larger than people even realize."Rose added that she hoped her role in the film would help affirm young brown-skinned children by seeing someone who looks like them in a Disney film. 

Nursery learnt lots about the actress/ musician. We made crowns, princesses and frogs from her film. We danced and sung to some of the music tracks from the film. It was lots of fun! 

02 Nov

Poetry Basket

by Mrs Ridings

Nursery children have been learning a new poem each week. The children are becoming more confident to join in with the words and actions. 

Here is one of our poems:

Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate

The first one said "Oh my it's getting late."

The second one said "There are witches in the air!"

The third one said "But we don't care!"

The fourth one said "Let's run and run and run!"

The fifth one said "I'm ready for some fun."

Ooooooooooooo went the wind and out went the light

And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

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