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28 Nov

Nursery | Posting our letters to Santa!

by Ms Kanes

Last week nursery children worked very hard writing their letters to Santa.

On Monday we posted our letters. We can't wait to see if he writes back to us! Thank you to all our parents that came with us!

24 Nov

Year 5 | Year 4, 5 and 6 Stars of the Week and Wow Work Winners!

by Miss Porter

Well done to our fabulous Stars of the Week and Wow Work Winners!  We've seen an array of hard work celebrated this week from fantastic times tables practice to outstanding effort being shown in gymnastics.  We are extremely proud of you all!

Stars of the Week

Wow Work Winners

22 Nov

Year 5 | Jodrell Bank Trip

by Miss Kenwell

On Tuesday, Year 5 went on an amazing trip to Jodrell Bank to support our space topic in science.  The children were able to explore a number of different exhibits in the Planet and Space Pavillion where they learned about black holes, our solar system and even how Jodrell Bank was used during the Second World War.

Year 5 also spent some time in the Space Dome where they were given a talk about our solar system and looked at all of the different constellations in our solar system - they had fun trying to guess which animals the different constellations looked like!  They travelled to Saturn and Mars to explore the planets and looked at how the movement of the Earth affects day and night.

Finally, the children explored the outside area and investigated the 'Whispering Telescopes' and were able to watch the giant telescope move along the train tracks.

Have a look at the pictures below to see what the chidlren got up to!

20 Nov

Reception | An awesome autumn!

by Miss Campbell and Mrs Chatterton

This term has been so amazing. Filled with lots of learning and an opportunity for our children to showcase their talents. In our class, our school's ethos of 'All different, all achieving'  permeates the classroom environment. We are a rights respecting school and the children have a good understanding that they have a right to: learn, rest, play, be healthy and celebrate who they are.

19 Nov

Year 3 | Good News in Years 1, 2 & 3!

by Miss Dhanda

What a lovely way to end this week - years 1, 2, and 3 celebrated their Good News Stars and Mrs Hutchinson shared a book that her class have enjoyed reading.

Try and get your hands on a copy of Dinosaur Cove and see what all the excitement is about!