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24 Nov

Cuters the Dog

by Mr McCormick & Miss Campbell

Reception have a new class pet. We voted on a name for our puppy and its now called 'Cuters the Dog.' Everyone has been busy writing about Cuters this week!

10 Oct

Poetry Basket

by Mr McCormick & Miss Campbell

Reception children have been learning a new poem each week. The children are becomign more confident at speaking in front of each other and using their voices in different ways.

Here is one of our poems:

Pointy Hat

A little old lady in a tall pointy hat,

Knocked on my door with a rat-a-tat-tat,

I peered through the window to see who was there,

And off on her broomstick she flew through the air.

12 Sep

Our First Week in Reception

by Mr McCormick & Miss Campbell

Wow! What a super first week in Reception we have had.

We have been busy getting to know each other, learning new routines and playing in our new classroom.

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