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05 Nov

Celebrating Black History Month

by Mr McCormick

During October, we celebrated Black History Month in Reception.

Over the month, we listened to traditional African stories like Anancy and Mr Dry Bone and Mufasa's Beautiful Daughters.

However, what we loved most was listening to and joining in with the African, Carribean and Latin music we explored. During carpet times, we listened to Bob Marley's Three Little Birds and joined in with the chorus. We did lots of dancing and watched some videos of traditional West African dancing to get some ideas of how we could move. We even played a djembe drum! 

We made an art piece inspired by the music we listened to. We painted a saxophone and a djembe drum. We each handprinted our skin colour too, talking about how we are different and how our skin colour makes us special. We used red, green, black and yellow too, as you can find these colours in the flags of countries accros Africa.

24 Oct

Where could we go?

by Reception Teachers

Our big question next half term will be, 'Where could we go?'. We will be looking at different buildings in our local area, Withington and Manchester, and we will be thinking about the different things we can do and find in these places.

Below are three pictures of buildings in Withington.

Do you recognise any of these buildings? Do you want to know more about any of these buildings?

Please leave a comment below as part of your home learning.

24 Oct

Our Charter

by Mr McCormick

This is Reception's Charter. We have signed our names to agree to follow our school rules. We have talked about why we need to follow these rules in school and how the rules link to our responsibilities as children. We have talked about this is connected to our rights under the Convention on Children's Rights and how the adults in our school have a responsiblity for these as duty bearers.

13 Oct

Investigation Continued

by Mr McCormick

Have a look at the CCTV footage below! Who do you think has stolen the carpet? We will be reviewing all the evidence and interviewing potential suspects. Reception have loved our unit of work on 'people who help us', particularly liaising with the police! We have been producing lots of great discussions and writing.  

09 Oct

CSI: Old Moat

by Mr McCormick

This morning held a mysterious surprise for Reception. When we arrived in school, REM's brand new carpet (which we have been very proud of and taking very good care of) had gone!

All that is left is a footprint and a handprint. We are not sure what happened, but we will be having an investigation this week, thinking about what might have gone on. 

We hope to find out more when we watch CCTV footage tomorrow and a police officer visits our classroom to assist in the investigation.

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