World Book Day 2020

by Mrs Collier

We have loads to celebrate this Thursday on World Book Day! 

Year 5 are off to the Velodrome to meet some famous authors, so they won't be dressing up, but everyone else is invited to wear pyjamas to snuggle up and read or to dress up as a book character.

We are sharing £1000-worth of books that we won from a charity called Read for Good:  these will be distributed among KS2 class libraries.

Instead of giving out vouchers, we have been to WH Smith and collected books to give to the children, so every child will receive a free book.

We will launch our Readathon - watch out for the letter and your child's sponsorship form.  This will run throughout March.

We are also launching our Reading Sheds:  you may have noticed two sheds that have arrived on our playground - these will be turned into a KS1 and KS2 Reading Shed so that the children can enjoy books at breaktimes.

Finally, the Green Heroes are having a Good as New sale, which will include used books being sold very cheaply!

There really is something for everyone.  HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY, OLD MOAT!