Home Learning - Thursday 14th January 2021

by Miss Bennett and Miss De Sanctis

Good morning year 1. 

As you are aware, schools have closed and the children will be learning from home for the next few weeks. While you are at home, we would like you to support your children with their learning as much as you can.

Please do not worry about missing out on school as you will be following the same routine at home as the children usually do in school. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can email us on the following email addresses.  

1GD - gdesanctis@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk  

1SB - sbennett@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk  


The children in Year 1 always start their day with a Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) workout. It gets the class awake and active and ready to start their learning.

Today's video is available here.

Below is a timetable you can follow at home and a guidance of time to spend on each activity. 

Spellings – 10 minutes

Please complete the spelling quiz on Purple Mash for the spellings you have been practising this week.


Please practise the spellings below three times throughout this week.

There will be a spelling quiz on Purple Mash next Thursday.

Handwriting - 10 minutes

Today's letter is j

Practise writing the letter j on some lined paper with a pencil. 

Numeracy - 30 minutes 

Today, we have a live lesson at 10.30.

Please log onto Microsoft Teams at 10.15 to join the lesson.

After the lesson, there will be a worksheet on Microsoft Teams for you to complete.

If you need any support logging in or completing the work after the live lesson, please email us.

You can practise some more Addition Questions here.


Literacy - 30 minutes 

Today's Literacy lesson will be on Microsoft Teams.

Log in to Microsoft Teams and complete the work set there. 

We would recommend taking a break for lunch after these activities and then continue in the afternoon. 

Lunch Break - 1 hour 

The children in Year 1 have been practising mindfulness and breathing techniques which can help them when they are feeling sad or worried.

You could start the afternoon with this mindfulness video to help them to feel calm and ready to learn. 

Phonics - 30 minutes

Today's phonics lessons will be on Microsoft Teams.

Log in to Microsoft Teams and complete the work set there.

Guided Reading - 30 minutes

Read your child's reading book with them and ask them some comprehension questions about the book.

Below are some questions that would really help your child to understand the book.

You can also access some free ebooks from Oxford Owl's website.  You need an account to access the books, but it is free of charge to join.

Big Question - 30 minutes

This term the children will be learning about transport.

Last week we asked you to complete a short survey asking you how you came to school. Below are the results.













Log onto Purple Mash to create a pictograph using this data.

Purple Mash by 2Simple 

Challenge -

1.    What is the most popular way children travel to school?

2.    What is the least popular way children travel to school?

3.    Why are train and tram 0?

The children always love to end their day with a dance. Here's one of our favourite songs at the moment for them to join in with at home. 

Please comment on the blog with any questions you have about the work and to let us know how your children are doing with the tasks and their home learning.

You can also send us photos of any other activities you have been doing to our work email addresses and we can share it on the blog.

We know how much our children love DOJO rewards - therefore, we will award DOJOs to children who complete tasks and share their learning on the blog! 

Have a great Thursday year 1. We look forward to hearing from you!