by Miss Bennett and Mrs Cain

Talk homework, spellings and maths homework will be on the blog every Thursday.

Please complete the work at home and post us a comment on the blog or you can email a picture of the work.

Miss Bennett, Mrs Cain and Mrs Chatterton

1CC - kcain@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk 

1SB - sbennett@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk 

This week in year One we have been subtracting using a number line. The children are all getting really good at it.

Next week we will move on to addition on a number line.

To practice over the weekend, play this robot game.

Have a go at the addition and the subtraction.

For Talk Homework we would like you to talk about Hibernation.

We have been learning about what different animals do during winter when it gets colder and have learn the words hibernatemigrate and adapt.

We would like you to choose an animal you could in the park and to find out what they do in winter.

An example would be a hedgehog

How does a hedgehog survive winter? 


Write a message on the blog or send us an email to share what you have found out.


Miss Bennett and Mrs Cain