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13 Jul

16 weeks of memories made

by Miss Dhanda & Miss Seymour

Good morning - it's your final week in Year 2! 

Your final project this week is a chance for you to reflect on the past 16 weeks spent at home. Although this has been the strangest global event many of us have ever experienced in our lifetime, it's also been an opportunity for us to spend time with our families, make memories and maybe trying something new.

COVID-19 is something you and even your children (!) will one day learn about in a history lesson - imagine that! So it's important to think about and preserve these memories and your first hand experience of this pandemic. You can say, " I was there!"

Make a memory box
Your task this week, is to find an empty box, e.g. a shoe box or cereal box, and decorate it to make it personal to you. Have a look at some ideas below. 
When you're happy with your fancy memory box, go ahead and start adding memories. 

Ideas for what you can put in your memory box:

  • Photos
  • Pictures you drew
  • Lockdown birthday memories
  • Lockdown t-shirt - hopefully you won't be needing that again!
  • Your best home learning
  • Newspaper
  • A letter to your future self - write a letter from your seven year-old-self that you can read when you are 20! Tell yourself all about what it was like to be in lockdown, what you did and how you felt.

When your memory box is full - ask your adults to keep it in a safe place - you can look through it in years to come.

Video message
As this is your final week, the Year 2 team would like to share a goodbye message with you all, but we are sure your friends would love to hear from you too. Please send your video messages to us by Thursday so we can share them all on the blog on Friday.

Email your video to adhanda@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk or fseymour@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk

Here's to a wonderful final week of being in Year 2!

10 Jul

Your FINAL DOJO scores!

by Miss Seymour


                fseymour@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk      or     adhanda@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk

Please send your messages before 12pm Thursday, 16th July, and we will post them before 3pm on Friday the 17th! 

07 Jul

This week's French learning activities

by Madame Norris

Bonjour year 2!

This week. I have added more French sports for you to practise. I have added 3 activities on Purple Mash for you to complete. Here are the new words I would like you to practise:

  1. la boxe = boxing
  2. la danse = dancing
  3. le skate = skateboarding
  4. le cyclisme = cycling
  5. l'équitation = horse-riding

Have fun! Bonne chance!

Madame Norris

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