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21 Oct

Reading Champions

by Miss De Sanctis

Well done to our KS1 reading champions for this half term.

These children have all really impressed us with their reading in school and at home.

Thank you to all of the children in KS1, you have all been super star readers this half term and we are so proud of all of you!

Make sure you keep up the excellent start with your reading over the holidays.

Leave us a comment to tell us what you have been reading.

Enjoy reading!

20 Oct

2AD - Performance Poetry

by Miss Dhanda

Please watch and enjoy this wonderful poem by Jamila Gavin.

Year 2 worked very hard to memorise their lines, speak clearly and add actions to their performance. 

Well done to all of you!

09 Oct

2AD respond to 'No woman, no cry'

by Miss Dhanda

In remembrance of Black History, Year 2 are studying the work of local born artist Chris Ofili.

Chris Ofili hails from none other than Manchester! Not only was he the first black artist to win a Turner Prize, but he was also awarded a CBE for his contributions to the art world.

This week we looked at one of Chris Ofili's most notable paintings, No woman, no cryThe children drew on their existing knowledge of people such as Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks to share their thoughts on the story behind this painting.

Here are some of the comments made by 2AD:

"...she is sad because she is in jail."

"...she drank from the wrong fountain."

"...she went to the wrong pool."

" she didn't move for a white person."

"...she sat on the front of the bus and got arrested."

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