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10 Apr

This week's French challenge

by Madame Norris

Bonjour year 4!

This week, I would like you to do a poster in French about where you live including:

·       The place (town, countryside, mountains, seaside)

·       The type of house (house, flat, farm or chalet)


You can do more than one picture and to make this more creative, you could draw and colour your poster or you could do a painting. You could even use clay/play dough. You can either write the sentences in French or film yourself saying them!

Please, send me all your amazing work on my email:



There are also more games on Purple Mash.

Have fun! Bonne chance!

Madame Norris

Here is a reminder of the different sentences you may need:

J'habite en ville. = I live in a town/city.

J'habite à la campagne. = I live in the countryside.

J'habite à la montagne. = I live in the mountains.

J'habite au bord de la mer. = I live at the seaside.

J'habite dans une maison. = I live in a house.

J'habite dans une ferme. = I live on a farm.

J'habite dans un chalet. = I live in a chalet.

J'habite dans un appartement. = I live in a flat.



09 Apr

Pizza party!

by Mr Hughes

A big 'thank you' to the staff at Papa John's for our pizza lunch today! 

The children (and staff!) enjoyed having a little treat.

We'll all make sure to do Joe Wick's PE lesson tomorrow morning after eating all that food!

07 Apr

Grammar help at home!

by Mrs Collier

We are fantastic at grammar at Old Moat, but I know that it can be hard to remember some of those technical terms when you're on your own at home.  ENGLICIOUS is a fantastic free website that will help you.  There are some good games to play and everything is explained clearly.  I've put a couple of screenshots here to help you if you are confused by the site.  

Here's the link:


Click view resources

Find the right level for you then click on the resource you want to use.


05 Apr

French competition

by Madame Norris


Be creative this week for French! How about building, drawing or painting an Eiffel Tower? You can use anything you want: straws, lego, pasta, buttons, pebbles, pencils, paint, your imagination is the limit!

Please, send me your amazing creation to my email and I will post them on the blog. dojos awarded as well!

Amusez-vous bien! Have fun!

Madame Norris

Email: vnorris@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk

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