Picture news talking task

by Mrs. Owen

Over the past 9 years, millions of people have fled their homes in Syria because of the ongoing war and conflict happening there. Many people left their homes and belongings behind, including their pets. Mohammad Aljaleel from the city of Aleppo is one of the few who have remained and looks after thousands of abandoned cats. The smaller Syrian town of Kafr Nabl, is now home to more cats than people. Humans and cats provide comfort to one another in hard times. Salah Jaar, another man who has remained in Syria to help look after the stray cats, finds them a huge help in what must be a difficult place to be.

Things to talk about at home

  • Do you think pets or other animals can be classed as our friends?

  • Talk about what kinds of things we think are important in a friendship

  • Why do you think the cats help make the few people left in the Syrian towns lives better?