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03 Jul

This week's French learning activities

by Madame Norris

Bonjour years 5 and 6!

I hope that you have had a good week! This week, we are going to complete our topic of sport. I have set up 2 activities for you on Purple Mash: the first one is a French quiz on the vocabulary and words we have been practising and the second is to write an informative booklet on a French football player. I would like you to choose one from the 5 players above, research them and write a booklet in English, in which you could include where and when they were born, who they have played for and which team they play for now and any other information you find interesting. 

Have fun and bonne chance!

Madame Norris

28 Jun

Purple Mash Work & Rewards

by Miss Crosby

Purple Mash Work Week Beginning 29th June 


Hello Year 5, 

Your work for this week is Alien themed – how exciting! Myself and Mrs Hutchinson will be choosing 1 child per class, per task to send a postcard to this week. Below I have explained your 10 weekly tasks, enjoy!



Writing a Newspaper Report – You will be a Newspaper reporter reporting on an ALIEN INVASION! Remember to the 5 W's in your report (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How). Make sure you quote a witness and think of a catchy title.

Alien Visitor – Now you are the Alien, put yourself in their shoes and write a postcard for your home planet explaining what your trip to Earth has been like.



Design your Alien/Monster – Using the different colours and patterns available. Make it as ‘Out of this World' as possible.



Read Chapter 1 of the book ‘Alien Hotel' and answer the 5 comprehension questions about the book. 



Lines of symmetry – how many lines of symmetry do certain shapes have? (You might want to make your artwork of your alien symmetrical) 

Coordinates – locating coordinates on a map, you might need this skill to locate other shape ships are. 



Create your own quiz about the Planets and Space.



Create an animated space scene, design each character and then press the green play button at the top to animate your characters.



Design a certificate to give to someone who has made a difference in your life. 

27 Jun

This week's French learning activities

by Madame Norris


This week, we are consolidating our new topic: sports and which verbs to use. We will be mostly concentrating on recognising the words when they are written and the correct verbs to use them with. Here is a reminder of the words you will need o complete the 3 activities I have posted for you on Purple Mash.

"Je joue au" means "I am playing" or "I play" and is ALWAYS used with BALL GAMES ONLY. For example: Je joue au foot, je joue au basket.
"Je fais de" means "I'm doing" or "I do" and is used with ALL THE OTHER SPORTS. for example: je fais de la boxe, je fais de la danse.

  1. Je joue au foot. = I am playing football.
  2. Je joue au rugby. = I am playing rugby.
  3. Je joue au basket. = I am playing basketball.
  4. Je joue au tennis. = I am playing tennis.
  5. Je joue au ping-pong. = I am playing table tennis.
  6. Je fais du ski. = I am skiing.
  7. Je fais du skate. = I am skateboarding.
  8. Je fais du cyclisme. = I am cycling.
  9. Je fais du patin à glace. = I am ice skating.
  10.  Je fais de la boxe. = I am boxing.
  11. Je fais de la danse. = I am dancing
  12. Je fais de la gymnastique. = I'm doing gymnastics.
  13. Je fais de la natation. = I am swimming.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Bonne chance!
Madame Norris

23 Jun

Reading challenges

by Mrs Collier

One of the most popular books in the library is Jeff Kinney's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."  I'm going to give you the very first page of the book and ask you to blog some thoughts after reading it.

New Year's Day

You know how you're supposed to come up with a list of "resolutions" at the beginning of the year to try to make yourself a better person?

Well, the problem is it's not easy for me to think of ways to improve myself, because I'm already pretty much one of the best people I know.

So this year my resolution is to try to help OTHER people improve.  But the thing I'm finding out is that some people don't really appreciate it when you're trying to be helpful.

The book is narrated by Greg.  Think about his character.  What kind of a person is he?  How do you know?  

Your other challenge is to blog about a book you haven't read yet that you would like to read.  Tell me what makes you want to read it.  I am looking forward to reading some myths written by Anthony Horowitz (the author of the Alex Rider books) called Beasts and Monsters.  I love the way he uses description and action in his writing and I like the way he builds suspense.

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