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05 Mar

World Book Day & Back to School

by Miss Crosby & Miss Addison

World Book Day

Thursday 4th March was world book day, below are some pictures from Year 5. What is your favourite book? Write it below in the comments. 

Back to School

All of the children are back to school on Monday morning, make sure you have an early night on Sunday and we will see you at 8:40am!

Here is a poem, which we thought you would enjoy:

We're heading back to school again after such a long time

You may have a worry or two but things will be just fine,

It wont be long before you're back into the swing of things

Seeing all of your friends again and all the joy that brings,

Your classrooms may look slightly different but things are just the same 

Caring for you and teaching you lots is still our primary aim,

We're heading back to school again where we'll laugh and learn and play

Then we'll head back home again and look forward to another day!

04 Mar

Thursday 4th March - Home Learning

by Miss Addison & Miss Crosby

Back to School

There are 4 sleeps until school! We are so excited to have you all back.

Everyday this week we will be posting a 'Back to School' post. Today, we would like to show you some new exciting things in the classroom. 


Our bookcorner has been moved to the front of the classroom so that we can have our guided reading sessions surrounded by the wonderful books on our shelves. Behind Miss Addison's desk is the new reading trolley! These are books from Miss Addison's library, which you can borrow and read in school. There are over 50 fantastic books to pick from and Miss Addison has read them all so will be able to help you choose the perfect one for you! 


I have created a new 'Secret Student' scheme in our classroom. On Monday, every child will decorate their own Among Us character and put their name on the eye. Everyday, I will select one character to be the 'Imposter' no one but me will know who the imposter is. If the Imposter, stays on their best behaviour all day and follows the school rules then they will recieve a prize at the end of the day. However, if they do not follow the rules their name will be put back into 'Crewmates' and a new child will be selected daily. 

We'd love to hear about the things that you are excited for when you come back. Let us know in the comments!

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