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24 May

WW2 Experience Day

by Miss Crosby & Miss Addison

WW2 Experience Day

We had an amazing day as WW2 evacuees. We wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for dressing up or taking part in the day!

Please watch our video to see our outfits and activities.

21 May

Homework & Spellings & WW2 Experience day

by Miss Crosby & Miss Addison


On PurpleMash, there are 3 tasks which need to be completed by Wednesday 26th May.


Below is the spelling list for this week, which the children need to learn. They will be tested on these on Friday 28th May.

Here is the link to the spelling games: https://www.educandy.com/site/resource.php?activity-code=ace05

WW2 Experience Day

Monday is World Was 2 Experience Day in Year 5. The children will experience what it was like to be an evacuee (a child sent to the countryside for their own safety). We have lots of fun activities planned and the children can dress up. Here are some pictures of children during WW2 to give you an idea:

07 May

Homework, Spellings & Number Day

by Miss Crosby & Miss Addison


There are 3 tasks for the children to complete on PurpleMash which need to be completed by Wednesday 12th May.


You can find the spelling list below. The children will be tested on these words on Wednesday 12th May.

Here is a link to this week's spelling games: https://www.educandy.com/site/resource.php?activity-code=a62c4

Number Day

Please watch our video below, including our Maths quiz and type the answers in the comments. 

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