Jodrell Bank Trip!

by Miss Kenwell

On Wednesday, Year 5 went on a fantastic trip to Jodrell Bank.  During our visit we got to take part in a lot of different activities all about space!

First the children explored some of the different interactive exhibitions. They were able to investigate the different planets in our solar system, explore how the telescope at Jodrell Bank works and even tried on some spy outfits.

We were also lucky enough to take part in a fantastic science show all about physics which included some really fun experiments such as creating a fire tornado, launching a super speedy bottle rocket and using an infa-red camera!

Finally, the chidlren got to visit the incredible Space Dome. In this huge cinema room we were taken on a journey through space to look at the different constellations. We explored where they got their names from in Ancient Greece and even got to travel to Saturn.

Have a look at the pictures to see what else we got up to!