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16 Dec

Merry Christmas!

by Miss Kenwell

Merry Christmas 5LK - thank you for a wonderful first term at Old Moat!

Have a lovely, relaxing Christmas and we will see you on the 4th January 2023!

Look after yourselves and stay safe :)

Miss Kenwell

16 Dec

Awards and Christmas

by Miss Addison

Maths Stars

Well done to our Maths Stars who completed their bronze, silver, gold and olympic level (and beyond level!) on our timestables olympic challenge this term! I am so impressed with your timestable skills.

Autumn 2 Superstars

Fantastic work from our Autumn 2 superstars for a fantastic attitude to learning and always showing great resilience in their learning! 

Merry Christmas

A massive Merry Christmas from all the children and staff in Year 5! We hope you have a great holiday and happy New Year.

See you in 2023!

13 Dec

Exploring Air Resistance

by Miss Kenwell

This week in Year 5 we have been looking at air-resistance as part of our science topic 'Forces'. We conducted an experiment to see whether the size of a parachute affected the speed it fell.

We decided that the bioggest parachute would be the slowest to fall because it would have the biggest surface for air-reistance to act on. In order to test this hypothesis, we created our own parachutes out of plastic bags, string and paperclips. 

Our sizes ranged from 5cm to 40cm. We took our parachutes to the top of the stairs and dropped them from the same height each time to make it a fair test. We timed how long the parachute took to hit the ground and wrote down our results.

Have a look at our pictures to see our parachutes in action!

06 Dec

Book Swap & Happiness

by Miss Addison

This term, the children in 5PA have been working with a volunteer from a charity called Global Action Plan on a project which they feel is important to them. 

Some of the children created the Star Readers group to promote reading for pleasure. This afternoon, this group held a book swap event for all of the children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Every child got the chance to pick a book to take home and keep! It was fantastic to see so much excitement and talk about reading! 

Here is a small selection of the photos from the event: 

Another group from 5PA called Diamond Happiness create compliment cards to help spread happiness in school.

They designed and made these cards before handing them out at the book swap event!

It was a fantastic afternoon and so lovely to see everyone in Year 5 and Year 6 happy and smiling. 

02 Dec

Reading, Homework and Spellings

by Miss Kenwell


5PA children need to return their reading books on Tuesday 6th December

5LK children need to return their reading book to Miss Kenwell when they have finished. 


Homework is in our pink homework book. 

This week you have a Spelling and English task to complete.

Homework is due in on Wednesday 7th December


Your spellings are on your sticker in your pink homework book. You will be tested on these on Friday 9th December

A copy of the homework is below: 


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