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09 May

This week's French learning activities

by Madame Norris


This week, we are starting a new topic: places of work. Here are the 10 sentences you need to complete the 3 activities I have posted for you on Purple Mash. 

Bonne chance! Have fun!

Madame Norris

  1. Je travaille dans un hôtel. = I work in a hotel.
  2. Je travaille dans un hôpital. = I work in a hospital.
  3. Je travaille dans un restaurant. = I work in a restaurant.
  4. Je travaille dans un collège. = I work in a secondary school.
  5. Je travaille dans un supermarché. = I work in a supermarket.
  6. Je travaille dans un garage. = I work in a garage..  
  7. Je travaille dans un magasin. = I work in a shop.
  8. Je travaille dans un bureau. = I work in an office.
  9. Je travaille dans un salon de coiffure. = I work in hairdresser's salon.
  10. Je travaille dans une usine. = I work in a factory.  

01 May

This week's French work

by Madame Norris


This week, I would like you to do a little revision on opinions and conjunctions. There are 3 exercises on Purple Mash that I would like you to complete. 

Have fun and bonne chance!

Madame Norris

30 Apr

5HC PurpleMash Work

by Miss Crosby

Hi Everyone,

I have loved seeing your work on PurpleMash and being able to write you some comments.

I wanted to share your work, comment underneath if you can spot something that you did.

Keep it up Year 5, well done!

From, Miss Crosby. 

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