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05 Mar

Welcome Back Year 6!

by Miss Porter and Mr Keeley

Your Classrooms Await...


Hi Year 6,

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to school next week! It's been 11 weeks since we last saw a lot of you - I bet some of you are taller than me now!!  You can see that your classrooms are looking tidy and organised, waiting for your return.  You might have also spotted that the reading area in 6JP has moved and has been replenished with lots of brand new exciting books waiting to be read by you!  Have a lovely, restful weekend - we will see you bright and early on Monday!

Miss Porter and Mr Keeley 😊

04 Mar

All Dressed Up For World Book Day!

by Year 6 Teachers

World Book Day 2021

The Year 6 Bubble celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite characters. We had two Marios, Eeyore, Pikachu, Dr Bravestone from Jumanji, Boo from Monsters Inc and a few who were on their day off wearing their normal clothes!  The teaching staff all looked a little different too!  Question is...where was Scooby Doo?!

03 Mar

World Book Day 2021

by Year 6 Teachers

Hi Year 6,
We hope you're reading this dressed up as your favourite book character or wearing your (clean!) pyjamas! Today, we would like you to complete the following activities:
  1. Make sure you have watched all of the Masked Reader videos on the Blog: Pirate, Giraffe, Mop Head, Goldilocks, Wolf, Tiger, Raccoon, Crayon.
  2. Register your guesses and vote for your favourite (before 2pm) by clicking on this link: The Masked Reader (office.com)
  3. Watch MC Grammar's World Book Day rap: The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar - YouTube In the rap, he mentions 35 different books. How many can you spot? Write your answers in the comments below. Who will spot the most?
  4. Listen to one of the 10 minute stories by some of the World Book Day authors: World Book Day 2021: 10 Minute Story Sharing - YouTube Whose book will you buy when you get your token next week? Comment below with your recommendation.
  5. Using Microsoft Teams, create a PowerPoint promoting your favourite book.  Try to make your PowerPoint as eye-catching as possible!
  6. Curl up somewhere comfy and spend some time reading one of your favourite books! Whereabouts will the story take you?
We hope you have a lovely World Book Day!
From The Year 6 Teachers 🙂 

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