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12 Jul

Week 16 - Home Learning

by Miss Porter and Mr Keeley

Hi Year 6,

Well done for all the hard work you have been doing on Purple Mash - we are really impressed with the effort you are putting in!  It is the last week of term so this is your final week of Purple Mash tasks!  This week, you will revise multiplication in maths; improve your vocabulary in English; read the final chapter of Nightfall on the Somme and do some more learning about space!  Have another look at the BBC Bitesize space webpages and videos for more inspiration:


We hope that you will enjoy your final week of learning in Year 6!  Remember to send us an email (jporter@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk / ckeeley@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk) with photos of any other work or activities that you have been doing!

Miss Porter and Mr Keeley xx

03 Jul

This week's French learning activities

by Madame Norris

Bonjour years 5 and 6!

I hope that you have had a good week! This week, we are going to complete our topic of sport. I have set up 2 activities for you on Purple Mash: the first one is a French quiz on the vocabulary and words we have been practising and the second is to write an informative booklet on a French football player. I would like you to choose one from the 5 players above, research them and write a booklet in English, in which you could include where and when they were born, who they have played for and which team they play for now and any other information you find interesting. 

Have fun and bonne chance!

Madame Norris

03 Jul

Week 15 Purple Mash

by Mr Keeley and Miss Porter

Hello Year 6,

We are really looking forward to seeing the children coming back on Monday. Those of you not coming back yet we miss you and hope to see you soon.

Here is the online work for children working from home next week:


Mr Keeley and Miss Porter

28 Jun

Week 14 - Home Learning on Purple Mash

by Miss Porter and Mr Keeley

Hello Year 6,

Well done to all those children who submitted their fantastic learning on Purple Mash last week - we are very proud of all the hard work that you are doing!  It was a glorious week of sunshine, wasn't it?  I hope that you managed to get outside in the fresh air to enjoy it!

Here is your home learning for Week 14 - can you believe it's been that many weeks?!


For maths this week, we would like you to continue with your work on probability.  You've done a great job with the probability tasks over the last couple of weeks so hopefully you will enjoy these too!  If you need a reminder, have a look at this BBC Bitesize website:


I've also put up an activity on Roman Numerals.  A lot of you won't have done this topic since Year 5, so refresh your memory with this video:


English - Reading and Writing

We hope that you are enjoying Nightfall on the Somme.  This week, we'd like you to read chapter 5 and then answer the comprehension questions.  There is also a character profile for you to complete about Neville.  You could then turn your ideas into PEE (point / evidence / explanation) paragraphs about Neville!

English - Spelling and Grammar

There are three spelling quizzes for you to do this week along with a grammar activity for which you need to find alternatives for the word 'said'.  Use a thesaurus or the internet to help you.  There will be a Purple Mash reward for the person who finds the most!


I know that you loved studying Space when you were in Year 5, so I have set two actvities on this science topic.  Use the internet to help you answer the quiz questions and write a fact file about a planet.  These BBC Bitesize videos and articles are a good place to start:



There is a coding activity for you to complete this week as well as some typing practice: See how quickly you can type out the paragraph!  I bet a lot of you have become a lot faster at typing during lockdown!

We hope that you have a great week and enjoy the learning!  Don't forget to comment on this blog post or email us to let us know how you're doing and what you've been up to - you can send us your work too!  jporter@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk and ckeeley@oldmoat.manchester.sch.uk

We are really looking forward to seeing some of you return to school next week!! :)

Take care,

Miss Porter and Mr Keeley xx

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