Through our computing curriculum at Old Moat we aim to give our pupils the life skills that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology. We intend to teach them to be socially responsible and use all devices in a safe way (Article 17  United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child).  At Old Moat we understand that the 21st century workplace is continually changing and we need to ensure our children are equipped to thrive and prosper. Manchester has a rich culture of pioneering computer science with visionaries such as Alan Turing. We want to support our children to have high aspirations and work in this innovative field. Technology is a wonderful resource and we want to encourage our children to become autonomous, independent users of all devices, gaining confidence and enjoyment from their learning. Throughout our Computing and ICT curriculum we intend to teach our children a range of skills such as computational thinking, digital literacy, problem solving, coding and presentational skills.  As children move from EYFS to year 6 they will progress through these skills ensuring they are workplace ready. 

"This is a happy and welcoming school, that does as its motto says, and ‘changes lives’."