School is currently open to pupils in all year groups but the Delta variant of COVID-19 is becoming more prevalent in the city. With this in mind, please remember to wear a face covering when on the school site - this will help to keep school open for as many children as possible. When arriving and departing, please follow the one-way system and keep a distance from other families. If you or any member of your family experience COVID-19 symptoms please isolate and book a test. Read more

CoronaVirus Latest updates

UPDATE 24/05/2021

Please see the letter emailed to parents today regarding the latest update on the Indian variant of COVID-19 and arrangements for reporting a positive case of COVID over the half-term holiday. The letter can be found here

UPDATE 01/04/2021

Please see the letter sent home today regarding the Easter holidays, contact tracing and COVID safety meassures. The letter can be found here

School closes today, Thursday 1st April and we reopen to all pupils on Monday 19th April. 

UPDATE 23/02/2021

We are delighted to confirm that school will fully reopen to all pupils on Monday 8th March. Parents/Carers have been emailed with an update and the letter can also be found here. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March between 8.30am and 9.00am. 


UPDATE 12/02/2021

Please see the letter regarding the February half-term holidays, reorting positive COVID results and the wider reopening of schools here. We hope you have a peaceful holiday and we will reopen to pupils of Key Workers and vulnerable families on Monday 22nd March. 


UPDATE 02/02/2021

Unfortunately, we have had a confirmed case of COVID 19 in the Year 4 bubble and as such we have had to close the Key Worker/Vulnerable group until the end of Monday 8th February. This provision will restart for eligible pupils with a confirmed place on Tuesday 9th February at the usual times. 


UPDATE 19/01/2021

Thank you for your responses to our google form on remote learning. Your thoughts and opinions have been really helpful in planning for the next stage of remote provision. Please click here to see our FAQ documnet which shares the most frequently asked questions/comments and gives you our response. 

Remember, if you require help with remote learning please get in touch. 


UPDATE 18/01/2021

We have now our published our statement on remote learning which can be found on our policies page or by clicking here. The statement details what you can expect of us and how you can best support your child during these challenging times. Please do your best to support your child and contact us if you are struggling and require some assistance. 


UPDATE 13/01/2021

Dear Parents, 
Thank you to all of you who are logging in to live lessons.  Please Click here  to complete a short survey about remote learning for Years 1 to 6.
Also, please click here the live lessons timetable from next week, Monday 18th January, when we move to 2 live lessons per day.  We look forward to seeing your children at these lessons!
Thank you for your support.
Mr Kerr and Mrs Collier


UPDATE 11/01/2021

Dear Nursery Parents,

The current National Lockdown is in place to limit the spread of COVID 19.  Schools are open for the children of critical workers and for vulnerable children but closed to other children and providing remote learning.  Late last week, the DfE confirmed that Nursery settings should remain open and offer places to all pupils. This is optional and no parents will be fined if they elect not to send their child to Nursery. To help us with planning our staffing, please could you confirm by email if you would like your Nursery child to attend Nursery starting Wednesday 13th January? If parents accept a place the children must attend five days a week and usual school times will apply.  Please email Mr Kerr by 4pm on Tuesday 12th January if you feel that you need a place for your Nursery child.

Kind regards,

Mr Kerr


UPDATE 08/01/2021

Please click here to read our letter on remote learning. The letter contains details of how your child's home learning will be delivered and gives initial times for live lessons.


UPDATE 04/01/2021

Please see the letter cirulated to parents via email following the announcemnet that all primary schools will close to pupils from 05/01/2021 until at least February half-term. The letter can be accessed here. Arrangements for home learning and distribution of Free School Meals will be communciated as soon as possible.


UPDATE 21/11/2020

Unfortunately, this morning we have learned of a positive case of COVID-19 in class 2FS. This means that school will be closed to all pupils from 2FS and to five pupils from 2AD. Staff have attempted to call all parents affected by this closure and an email has been sent to all families to let them know whether they are directly affected or not. Letters can be found here for any parents who have not yet seen them. 

For families eligible for Free School Meals, food parcels will be delivered to your home address duirng the week.

Home learnimg will be via our blog which can be found at and via Microsoft Teams. The Year 2 staff will keep you updated on arrangements for this throughout the week. 

School will reopen for all of the affected pupils from 2FS and the five pupils from 2AD on Monday 30th November. 

If you have any questions or require any support please contact Mr Kerr directly at  


UPDATE 16/11/2020

Unfortunetaly, this evening we have learned of a positive case of COVID-19 in class 1GD so we have had to close to all remaining pupils in 1GD. Letters have been circulated to all parents via email but can be found here if you have not registered your email address with our School Gateway app. Pupils will be able to access home learning via Purple Mash and the school blog from tomorrow - 

We will be in contact with families with pupils eligible for Free School Meals.

School will reopen to pupils from 1GD on Monday 30th November. This does not affect the reopening date for pupils from 1SB.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr Kerr directly at 

UPDATE 12/11/2020

Unfortunately, today we leanred of a positive case of COVID-19 in class 1SB so we have had to close to all pupils in 1SB and a small number of pupils from 1GD. Letters have been circulated to all parents via email but can be found here if you have not registered your email address with our School Gateway app. Pupils will be able to access home learning via Purple Mash and the school blog from tomorrow. We will be in contact with families with pupils eligible for Free School Meals. 

We will endevour to reschedule the nasal flu spray for any pupils who are isolating and we will be in touch about this in due course.

School will reopen to 1SB and the small group of affected pupils from 1GD on Thursday 26th November. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr Kerr directly at   

UPDATE 23/10/2020


This afternoon, Manchester City Council have announced that families of pupils eligible for Free School Meals will be entitled to £15 per eligible child to cover the costs of lunch over the half-term period. 

Manchester City Council has agreed today to provide funding for all children from Nursery class to Year 11 who are eligible for a benefits related free school meal over the half term break next week. This will be families on a low income that receive the pupil premium. This will include children from families who are legally classed as no recourse to public funds. This does not include children who get a free school meal through the universal scheme whereby all children in Reception year one and two receive a meal without charge. These children are not classed as free school meals for this scheme. 

Eligible families will receive a cash payment of £15 per child for the week and will need to claim through the Welfare provision scheme on the Council's website - the link is copied below. The scheme will continue to be open for 2 weeks after half term up until 13th November so that families can apply retrospectively if they are unable to claim next week. 

Take care and enjoy a peaceful half-term.

School reopens on Monday 2nd November.

UPDATE 14/09/2020

click here for the letter to all parents about the closure of our Year 5 bubble.

Click here for the letter to Year 6 parents about the extension to the closure of our Year 6 bubble. 

UPDATE 13/09/2020

Click here for the letter to Year 5 parents about the closure of the Year 5 bubble. 

UPDATE 10/09/2020

Click here for our helpful guide on school attendance, when to isolate and when to get a test. Please follow the rules - we need your support with this!

UPDATE 07/09/2020

Please see here for the letter to Year 6 parents about today's Year 6 bubble closure.

Please see here for the letter to all parents about today's Year 6 bubble closure.

UPDATE 20/07/2020

Please see here for our draft Covid-19 full reopening risk assessment. 

UPDATE 15/07/2020

School will now reopen on Thursday 3rd September 2020 to all pupils (except the new Nursery children). There will be some significant changes and we ask all Parents/Carers to read the letter here to update you on important information such as changes to start and finish times.


UPDATE 03/07/2020

We are delighted to announce that we will be able reopen to all pupils from Thursday 3rd September 2020 (please note that this is a change from the original date).

Please click here to view the letter sent home on Friday 3rd July. This letter informs parents about new classes for September 2020.

UPDATE 21/05/2020

Please click here to view the letter circulated via school gateway today. This letter outlines our responses to your feedback from the parental survey and our plans for the proposed, partial reopening of school.

UPDATE 15/05/2020 (3 Updates)

1. Plesae use this link to reply to our google form survey about the potential reopening of school Click here The survey will close at 3pm on Weds 20th May.

2.  Please see here for a letter from the Headteachers regarding May half-term closure for Key Worker and Vulnerable pupils.

3 Position Statement - Manchester City Council, 15 May 2020:

Last Sunday the Prime Minister announced that from week commencing 1 June at the earliest the Government is aiming to increase the numbers of children attending primary schools through the return of children in Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 6.
He also asked that secondary schools provide some face to face contact with staff for students in Years 10 and 12 before the end of the summer term, and that special schools work towards a phased return of more children, without a focus on more specific year groups. 

This is of course all dependent on the rate of infection for COVID-19 from now until then. 

This announcement from the Prime Minister and subsequent guidance from the Government has answered some questions, but it is clear there are many things which still need clarification before schools and colleges can substantially increase the numbers attending.
There are many practical questions which we currently do not have answers to and which we are working together with schools, settings, colleges and the DFE to resolve. 
In Manchester, during the COVID-19 lockdown period, the majority of schools have remained open to vulnerable pupils and children of key workers - including throughout what should have been school holidays and Bank Holidays - and all schools and colleges have retained contact and an overview of all their pupils. 

Throughout this time, officers from the council have been working with education leaders to support them with their current offers both for vulnerable and key workers' children who are still attending, and for the many more who are learning from home. These offers will continue as we move forward from June 1. 

As we move forward into this next phase the council will continue to support settings, schools and colleges to plan a response to the announcement and begin to gradually increase the numbers of children and young people attending in a way that is safe for everyone. 

There are many specific considerations unique to individual schools, settings, and colleges, which they themselves are best placed to understand and plan for. This includes the different needs of their cohorts of children or young people and local communities, the size and shape of buildings, and the numbers of staff that are available to work.
This means there cannot be a uniform approach across the city in response to the government announcement, and settings, schools and colleges will have to develop their own flexible plans and work at their own pace from 1 June in order to start to safely and gradually increase the number of children attending at any one time. We're very clear also that in any plan the safety of pupils and staff must be absolutely paramount. 

For this reason, in our primary schools it is highly unlikely that children in the government identified priority year groups will be able to attend school full-time from June 1, and may also mean that some schools have to prioritise certain year groups, and not make an offer to them all. Your school will of course be in touch with you to provide you with more information about their plan for a phased return of additional children. 

It is also clear that any return for children and young people will not look the same as before COVID19. The pandemic has changed things for all of us and there will need to be consideration of how we best support our children and young people at this time with a focus on their mental health and emotional wellbeing as well as their learning.
This pandemic has brought with it stress, uncertainty, and anxiety for all of us including our children and young people. We all want to get our children and young people back into education as soon as safely possible where they can be with their friends, their teachers, and their support workers. We want to reassure you that everyone in Manchester's education community is working together as hard as they can during this time to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our children and plan for this first phase of wider opening. 

Amanda Corcoran Director of Education
Paul Marshall Strategic Director Children and Education Services
Councillor Garry Bridges Executive Member Children’s Services
Lisa Vyas Chair of Primary Strategy Group
Gill Houghton Chair of High School Heads Group
Rob O’Hara Chair of Special School Heads Group
Peter Mulholland Chair of Post 16 Reference Group 


UPDATE 14/05/2020

Please see here for the letter from the Headteachers circulated to families this week regarding the Prime Minister's announcement on Sunday 10th May.

UPDATE 07/05/2020

If your child, or children, are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM), Manchester City Council set up a £10 per child per week scheme for the first 4 weeks of when school was closed, including over the Easter Holidays. A £40 cash payment per child is available for each child for this period.

The central government FSM voucher scheme is now in place, and replaces this. Contact the school for any queries on this.

However, if you haven't applied for this £40 payment from Manchester City, you can still do this until the end of May.

To claim your £40 payment, fill in this online form here:"

UPDATE 24/03/2020

For information on how to claim for Free School Meals, please click here to view the recent letter home.

UPDATE 20/03/2020

Following the latest advice and guidance that the government issued on Wednesday 18th March 2020, the school will close to all but the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils from 15:15 on Friday 20th March 2020.

Many parents working in Key Worker sectors may be able to ensure their child is kept at home and every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

Key workers criteria information

If you fit into the criteria (please click on link above), please email by 15:15 on Friday 20th March 2020 to inform us if you would like your son/daughter to continue attending school from Monday 23rd March 2020.

Please include in your email:

Your child's name,
Your address and postcode,
Details of both parents/carers' current roles,
Days and times you both work.

If you fulfil all criteria we will then add your son/daughter to our register for these days.

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