Creative Arts and Music



Art and Design at Old Moat 

Old Moat is a diverse community in central Manchester, where pupils, staff and parents bring a wealth of cultural experience to our school. The creative arts curriculum at Old Moat is designed to reflect this broad spectrum of cultural diversity and aims to showcase the very best of Mancunian, British and international artists and designers.  Drawing from the National Curriculum outcomes for Art & Design and Design & Technology, we deliver creative, cross-curricular learning experiences through a ‘Big Question’ approach. During a unit of work, pupils are given the opportunity to analyse and appreciate existing art or products. From here, they practise and develop specific skills that they will need to produce their own end product. As true artists and creative thinkers, we want children to share, analyse and evaluate their work, revising and redrafting where appropriate. To support this, the progression of skills within each discipline is carefully mapped out to ensure that, year on year, pupils become increasingly proficient in each media and technique. As they become older and develop the mechanics of each skill, a greater emphasis is placed on making decisions about how they use this knowledge and apply the skills for their intended final impact. 

We are undertaking some work with an art specialist at the moment to improve our art offer and ensure first class provision for our children in Art and Design.

Music at Old Moat

Music is well and truly alive at Old Moat!  Our EYFS is never quiet, and the children make good use of the musical instruments available to them in the provision.  The sound of singing fills the school on Fridays, when professional opera singer Ed Robinson comes in to teach Years 1-4.  This partnership with Primary Robins, though Grange Park Opera, has transformed practical music at Old Moat.  Years 5 and 6 work with Scott Sinckler of One Education to cheer us up with the tunes they play on steel pans.  It's a truly joyful sound and all children are able to be a part of the music-making.

We are currently developing our academic music curriculum to run in tandem with this first-rate practical music tuition.


"Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are good. They are keen to do well and meet the school’s high aims."