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Our vision

The education landscape has altered almost unrecognisably. Federations, academies, free schools have all appeared (sometimes, it seems, from out of nowhere!) and it can be hard to keep up. Schools and groups of schools have greater freedoms but also more accountability. 

We operate in a competitive environment where we are preparing children to compete locally, nationally and also internationally. We know that budgets will be tighter and educational expectations will be higher. Put simply, we have to achieve more with fewer resources.

The evidence from the first few years of our federation has shown that by working with other schools, we are able to benefit from greater purchasing power and also use the best ideas to raise standards: there has been a rise in standards in both schools since the federation was formed 2012. Each school is unique, and must be accountable to their local community making effective use of public funds. In a climate of change, we must retain a strong ethos and sense of purpose while nourishing a truly collaborative spirit.

These rapidly developing times, with all the technical and cultural challenges we come across, offer our children (and staff) both exciting opportunities and, at times, striking challenges.

We are in a good position to face these challenges with energy and optimism. The governors have a strong track record of making the right changes to improve outcomes. We are a strong federation with an outstanding and a good school.

As we plan for the introduction of the new National Curriculum we continue to focus on developing the whole child, presenting them with a broad and balanced curriculum, knowledge, skills and range of experiences.

We know that from evidence that success in life does not only depend on academic achievement. We want all our children to have a rewarding and enriching experience with us, and to leave us equipped to succeed in whatever they want to do.

The changing lives vision

We would like all our children, irrespective of background or special need, to be prepared for success in their future lives.

We will achieve this by nurturing and developing their achievement, their experiences and their skills.


Our schools will be consistently above the national average for attainment and progress and in the top 5% for all schools. We will enable all children to achieve their academic potential irrespective of their background or special need. There will be no ceiling on a child's ambition as we will develop the academic skills of our most able children and build a culture where being smart is cool.


We will provide all children with experiences that are normally only achievable for affluent children. All children will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language, play a musical instrument, participate in high quality sport, visit places of local and national interest and become proficient in the use of technology.

"The leadership of the headteacher and the executive headteacher is outstanding."