At Old Moat, we want our children to have the scientific skills necessary to understand how science is part of everyday life and to question everything. We do this by providing opportunities for the children to use equipment, conduct experiments and explain their theories confidently as they acquire and develop their skills in working scientifically.

Children study aspects of science covering biology, chemsitry and physics.

The units of work are designed so that there is clear progression in their scientific skills and knowledge (including key vocabulary) from EYFS through to KS2. Careful consideration has been given to ensure that children acquire and refine their scientific substantive knowledge (the facts that they need to understand how things work e.g gravity) via lessons that hone their scientific disciplinary skills (observing over time, pattern seeking, identifying, classifying and grouping, and comparative and fair testing). 

In order to prepare our children for an ever-changing future, we want to inspire and support them to take an interest in the world around them, ask questions about what they see and become critical thinkers.



"This is a happy and welcoming school, that does as its motto says, and ‘changes lives’."