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17 May

Year 4 | Gym sessions

by Miss Devlin

Year 4 have been working creatively in their Gym lessons. They made a sequence - travelling across the apparatus - using a travel, roll, jump and balance.

What did you enjoy? What green for growth target will you aim to achieve next time?

17 May

Parents' Voice | Minutes from Parent Meet

by Mrs Walsh

Parent Meet Minutes

15th May 2017


Clare Busow

Rachel White

Sue Jones 

Items Discussed 

After school clubs

Positive feedback was shared from the after school provision clubs, the dance class has been very popular and the children are sharing what they have been taught, dance moves at home. 

Sports days:   Parents enquired when the sports days are going to be as they need to book time off work to watch, take part. If possible they would like notice in advance. They also discussed how we could get more parents involved in these days. Parents mentioned that they had received a questionnaire about sport days from school asking about their views/ideas.  

Parental Involvement

Ideas were shared about getting more parents involved in school, it was thought to target EYFS more as this seems to be more isolated from the rest of the school. It was an idea to have more stay and play mornings or dough discos as they did last year.  JW to work with EYFS in planning more sessions from September. 

The parents shared that it would be nice to have more assemblies throughout the year where parents can pop along e.g. reward assemblies for work etc. JW to ask for staff views on this.  


There will be a training day on Monday 26th June to coincide with Eid. The parents suggested having a prize draw that week for the other 4 days to try and encourage good attendance in school for that week. JW to organise and promote and purchase prizes for this.  

Year 6 Summer Ball

Mrs Busow has kindly offered to pay for a Photo Booth to be used at the Year 6 Prom. JW to discuss this with the Year 6 teachers and give notice to book in time. 


Summer Fair:

Bunting activity- Each class to make bunting to be displayed around the school, each child to decorate a triangle of card or material, the best class design will win a prize. The parents will then attach them together to decorate before the fair

JW will put a list up of stalls in the staff room for staff/parents to put their name next to a stall or share any ideas 

Ideas for stalls

Hook a duck

Tin can game- Knock over tin cans- win a prize

Face painting/Henna

Bouncy Castle

Ice cream

Food stall- afternoon tea

Plant sale

Bottle stall

Cake stall

Good as new



Balloon Sales

Sponge a teacher (Staff volunteer for stocks needed) 

Pony Rides (Pending a Risk assessment and reasonable price) JW to research.

Police and Fire Brigade have been invited to pop along.


Next Parent Meet:

 Monday 5th June 2017 at 9am, please pop along to share your ideas and support our school.