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19 May

Reading Challenges

by Mrs Collier

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're using some of your lockdown time for reading.  I'm going to set some challenges here to keep your reading skills sharp and to find out about your reading habits.

Our first challenge is to think about inference:  that's when we use our thinking skills to work out what's going on even when the words don't set it out for us exactly.  We're going to use a picture - there's plenty of information in the picture for us to use and make inferences.  The picture is from a book called The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.  Post a comment on the blog to tell me what you think is going on in the picture but make sure you explain WHY you think that.  It  might help you to think about the following questions:

How do you think the man is feeling?

Why do you think he is feeling like that?

Do you think there is anyone else near him?  Why do you think that?

Do you think he likes the place he's in?  Why?

Your other challenge is to blog about your reading place.  My favourite place to read is a big squishy chair by the window, because it's super-comfortable and the light is really good.  Tell me about your favourite place to read.

16 May

This week's French learning activities

by Madame Norris


This week, we are we are conslidating our new topic: places of work. This week, we are mostly concentrating on recognising the words when they are written and on spelling them correctly. Here is a reminder of the 10 words you need to complete the 3 activities I have posted for you on Purple Mash. 

  1. dans un hôtel. =  in a hotel.
  2. dans un hôpital. =  in a hospital.
  3. dans un restaurant. =  in a restaurant.
  4. dans un collège. =  in a secondary school.
  5. dans un supermarché. =  in a supermarket.
  6. dans un garage. =  in a garage..  
  7. dans un magasin. = in a shop.
  8. dans un bureau. = in an office.
  9. dans un salon de coiffure. = in hairdresser's salon.
  10. dans une usine. =  in a factory.   

Bonne chance! Have fun!

Madame Norris

15 May

Free Audiobooks - Peter Rabbit and others

by Mrs Collier

Hullo everyone!  

As well as enjoying the bedtime stories on the Old Moat Facebook page, you can find some brilliant free audiobooks on the BBC Sounds app.  

The link below will take you to the story of Peter Rabbit.  Lots of you have seen the film, but did you know that it was inspired by a book by an author called Beatrix Potter?  She made her books small so that children could hold them more easily and illustrated them beautifully.


There are loads of other great stories there to enjoy and it's all free.  Listening to books is a really good way of "reading" - you are still learning new words and working on your comprehension without even realising it. 

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